Who is rb singer tank dating

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We’re getting ideas on how to stir up some romance for the holidays, but what are the best gifts you can give someone you aren’t in a committed relationship with?Tank: I think you kind of give them what they want…Tank told Jason that he did sleep with Moniece but claims that he “hit it and quit it,” which is a far stretch from the way she tells it.He also claims that after it was over, Moniece went stalker status on him, harassing him by egging his cars, vandalizing his property and he said she even threw a drink in his face during a confrontation.Moniece made her shocking claims in a new interview with star claims that a superstar celebrity got her pregnant.Remember those same claims she made about Shaq earlier this year?

AFRO-AMERICANS have enough to deal with…racial profiling, BWD, COPS the list goes on and on!You don’t want it to be cheap – you still want to come off as a good friend.What Christmas cd’s would you listen to with your date?[laughs]I think in that type of situation, unless you think that person is feeling it way more than you are, then you should give them what they want. You also never go wrong with gift certificates from a Best Buy or a restaurant. But what if your lover takes someone else out to eat with the gift certificate you bought them?Tank: Set the parameters before they use it, but if you’re not committed then it shouldn’t matter who they take out. Is that every appropriate to give someone you’re just dating? For a woman, you can get a cool little bracelet type thing. There can be some diamond dust on it, or have them do that tricky engraving where it at least looks like it’s sparkling.

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