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If asking this question for personal gain then I would say No do not marry him, you do not want to drag him to hell based on your greed.2) If asking this question based on your freinds comments/concerns. If it is love which is based on the Lord not lust which is based on the devil then I would say Yes. Since most arguments are going to be about lack of money, I would consider it very carefully before such a big decision. Not to have any shows a lifestyle that does not fit the image of family man. I learned as a child that money doesn't buy happiness.However, if you are willing to work at home and outside then things could work out. I believe in the old-fashioned idea of the father taking care of the family. But if a marriage is under strain because of lack of finances, that can be prevented by waiting for a better off Christian. Fundamental to Christianity is to honour those whom you should honour.Well, we did arrive at a rather posh hotel, only it turned out my date owned it, along with about 200 others.As I stepped from his BMW convertible onto the cobbled drive, tripping and practically twisting my stilettoed ankle, he had already shot off inside - rich men seem to move and talk quicker.I am dating a 37 year old man who is a great man, but is a musician for a living and doesn't have a penny to him name, literally. A 37 year old man who won't get a real job because he want's to be a musician? There are millions of young people who move to New York City in hopes of making it big and end up waiting table their whole lives. Adults do what they have to do and get real jobs, even if it's not their dream job. Join Our Free Singles and Take The Financial Bible Quiz --- Liz, You may want to consider the maturity level of this man you are thinking of marrying.

If so isn't it written that a poor man has a far easier time making it to heaven then the rich man. If he loves you and you love him, then he and you will do what it takes to work it out. Personally, I'd rather be married to a poor man who treats me great than a rich man who forgets that I am his wife.

Every time I started to talk about something I thought was vaguely interesting, all I could see was his permatanned neck as he looked around the room. For a start, they are not only greedy - what else could motivate them to make more money than they could spend in a lifetime - they are also mean. There was also something about a threatening legal letter from Mc Cartney's lawyers accusing Heather of taking three bottles of cleaning fluid from his kitchen. I mean, we are talking about a man who is not rich in any normal sense, but so catastrophically loaded that he could probably buy the cleaning company several times over. For a start, Macca and my multi-millionaire are that rare bread; the self-made man.

I wanted to fling a Gina mule in his face - the guy was working, for God's sake. 'Kate could you leave a tip,' he suddenly said, rummaging in his pockets, 'I've left my money in the car.' What, all £3billion, I thought, as I brought out the only fiver I had left and plonked it onto the squishy chocolate mousse. Unlike the landowner rich who are so blasÈ about money, the self-made man often comes from a poorer background.

Being poor and unhappily married is a lot worse than being rich and unhappily married. Let this man put his house in order and act responsibly, which is consideration for you and love and kindness being expressed.

At least with a bit of money you can take a holiday away from your husband now and again. If I were about to marry and had not a penny to my name I would firstly be ashamed and secondly make provision of a decent job. If this man loves you more than himself, he would go out of his way to provide on his part. If you are willing to put up with poverty then go ahead. Assuming he has, have you discussed fiscal prospects? If he isn't willing to go into a more lucrative field (or sub-field, such as teaching band), you'll have to step up to the plate and support your family.

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