Elena dating scammer

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I can't say that anyone I have written with was looking for a rich man, just an honest and caring man. I sent an email and I received a downright racist response: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elena Support Hello, Sorry but we don't accept profiles from Saudi Arabia, that is the reason why we removed your profile and you are not able to login anymore.

If they were trying to scam people they wouldn't be so honest about their situation. Kind regards, Gee EM Help desk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, Elena's Models accepts profiles from many countries and all nationalities.

Our scam reporting website offers Russian dating scams protection for free.

If you are old, fat, broke and stupid, you aren't going to get a 22-year-old medical student who is paying for school by modeling to move into your trailer park. Reasons for this are important attributes to the underlying and overriding 18 years of operation for EM. Our business model is a more direct hands-on approach with membership in regards to security, safety and approval process.

If you are new to this game and need to know what scambaiting is all about, please click on the 419 FAQ link at the top of the page. Do not be fooled into thinking scammers operate from a specific part of the world.

See also Baiting Tips for information on getting started on this great cyber-sport We encourage everyone to contribute to this site and the good cause of scambaiting by joining in the fun on the FORUM where you can meet new friends and seek expert help, tips and advice on anti-scamming. Advance fee fraud scammers are a world-wide menace, and they operate from every continent.

I haven't met my wife yet, but I have communicated with several women on this site and I have no reason to believe they are a scam.

I am surprised just how honest the women are about what they want and why they want to leave.

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