Young earth creationists and carbon 14 dating of diamonds

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Third, creationists ignore the evidence and deny that [X] exists altogether or assert that belief in a Young Earth is based on faith, not science. These ages weren't just made up — or, worse, accepted to "give evolution enough time".Each was concluded from a range of experiments and observations made across multiple disciplines of science, including astronomy, geology, biology, palaeontology, chemistry, geomorphology and physics.Although age indicators are called ‘clocks’ they aren’t, because all ages result from calculations that necessarily involve making assumptions about the past.Always the starting time of the ‘clock’ has to be assumed as well as the way in which the speed of the clock has varied over time.As always, the examples only explain that the scientific statement matches what's written in the Bible rather than showing the Bible explains the scientific basis concerning the fact.

This is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, and is unscientific.Scientific Facts in the Bible: 100 Reasons to Believe the Bible is Supernatural in Origin (ISBN 0882708791) is a book written by Ray Comfort, as an attempt to explain Biblical scientific foreknowledge. The book is divided into 13 chapters, each focusing on a field of science or a specific book.The chapters contain various examples, with Bible verses shoehorned to support the example.It's not just "knowing" things, which is what Ray Comfort often implies all science is about.In other instances regarding words, Ray stays as vague as he can instead of using unambiguous words.

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