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There are a much smaller number of lesbian-only games.

There’s an impressive free RPG/VN called “Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle” which you should definitely check out if you enjoy fantasy.

Wing Ma’am Wing Ma’am is described as a social app not a dating one. The app is attempting to create a stronger LGBTQ community by keeping you up to date about lesbian friendly events in your area, while allowing you to create your own events to find people you’ll get along with, from raves to knitting parties.

Diva app DIVA is still the biggest selling lesbian magazine with news, entertainment, travel, music, scene, real life features and listings.

Now I’m wondering if there are any similar, good-quality games out there, only lesbian instead of gay. Pardon me for charging in, but you’re shining the yuri signal!

There are a number of dating games in English that have one or two lesbian options among the het ones.

Winter Wolves has made a couple of otome games with a yuri game option, so you can buy just the girl routes if you please.

These include: Spirited Heart Girls Love Heileen 3: Sea Maidens Both of those are stat-raising games.

I’ve been trawling through them all and picked out the best for your pleasure.

They’re commercial, but they have free demos you can check out to see if you enjoy the style.

I’ve recently released a lesbian schoolgirl detective game called Black Closet (you control the Student Council of a posh all-girls boarding school, solve mysteries, and date your minions). Style is VERY different from the other things I’m listing, though.

With hundreds of women joining all the time it’s simple and easy to find a girl to chat, gossip, plan dates, meet for coffee, or one of those late late nights with a few glasses of wine in hand.

There’s also a lot of info about the scene and a matchmaker game.

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