Dating and violence

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If you are humiliated or forced to be sexual in any way, that is sexual abuse.

Since then, research on dating violence has increased steadily and considerably, assuming a prominent position in the relevant international scientific literature.

Yet, studies that compare violence between dating and married couples are sparse in international research and inexistent in the Portuguese context.

In the following literature review, we begin by showing how research in the area of marital and dating violence has increased; we then present and discuss the results of the few available studies comparing levels of violence across these two distinct relational contexts—marriage and dating; finally, we concentrate on investigations that analyze the relationships between attitudes and behaviors.

You may have heard people say things like, “Why would she /he stay with him/her if they are abusing them ? ” These comments and questions can be hurtful and blaming of the person who is experiencing the violence.

They suggest that the victim/survivor is doing something wrong, rather than the perpetrator of the violence.

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