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In 2008, he was the voice of Out of Sight Retro Night which aired on WGN America but was replaced by rival Rick Dees.

After 40 years, Kasem retired from his role of voicing Shaggy in 2009, although he did voice Shaggy's father in the 2010 TV series Scooby-Doo! After the war, Kasem began his professional broadcasting career in Flint, Michigan.

As an update, I made this last night for a potluck and everyone thought it was amazing! We didn’t have any chili powder and I’m kind of sensitive to heat, so we didn’t add that in, but the rest of the recipe stayed the same. Dairy free sour cream is what I need, and a nice hot bowl of chili is the ultimate comfort food! Reply Would you believe I have NEVER tasted sour cream? I’ve added sour cream to cauliflower soup before and it added a wonderful creaminess. There’s nothing like pulling a meal out of the freezer in the morning and it being ready for dinner that night.

It does make cooking fun when you up the stakes of your recipe. I usually opt for thick all natural plain coconut yoghurt; the one we have here in Ireland is literally made with three ingredients and it’s so thick and creamy! :) Reply Even though I’m not vegan, I agree a good chili doesn’t have to have meat. And what a great topping you have here with the vegan sour cream! Regular sour cream is one of two reasons I stopped eating a completely vegan diet. (And greek yogurt is a great substitute but still not vegan).

With intense red hair and bright lips, La Bronx shows you how to make your own almond milk, smoothies, salads, and everything a vegan or carnivore could ever hope for.

1,431 subscribers tune in to La Bronx’s show and you should too!

Just didn’t come up at all in my diet when I was growing up. I will definitely have to add sour cream to my chili! Reply I love your photography skills, they are fantastic! Your sour cream sounds delish (: …my vegan daughter usually mixes Tofutti (soy product) with lemon juice to make our sour cream (also very good and simple to make) to top our vegan nachos with homemade refried beans! The thing I always DISLIKE about chili is that often I find there’s too much sweetness to it when the cook is trying to cut the tomato acidity, but this sounds like the flavour combo would be just right. I just found out you can make a pretty good chili with nothing but canned beans, canned diced tomatoes and chilies, an onion, veggie broth and a bunch of seasoning slow cooked.

(last updated 23 July 2017) At Les Cigales campsite, Moliets-Plage. Facebook Vegan Surf Camp (English) and (French, English, German) and envegansummercamp.(English) Facebook Isle of Wight Vegan Festival Saturday 10.00-17.00 at Bury Christian Fellowship, Manna House, Irwell Street BL9 0HE. And nearby Mind and Body yoga studio and alternative therapies centre/Zen vegetarian cafe at 52 Bolton Street BL9 0LL. Also at Gronn vegan/eco hair salon, 64 Bolton Street BL9 0LL. Saturday 10.00-16.00 at Trinity Centre Fishermead Boulevard, Fishermead MK6 2LA. Facebook Cheltenham Vegan Fair 2017 Sunday 12.00-16.00 at Colchester Arts Centre, Church Street CO1 1NF. Facebook Colchester Vegan Fair Wednesday to Sunday. Fest2017 At Bank Farm Leisure, Gower Peninsula. Speakers include Ingrid Newkirk (PETA), Sharon Nunez (Animal Equality Spain).

This chili looks heavenly and my stomach is rumbling as I’m typing… Reply You’re so right – chili is perfect for this week! I found this out because I ran out of everything else and wanted to buy an extra day before I went to the store, lol!

Yours definitely looks better than mine with all the textures and frehsness though :) — Alex at brainy Girls Reply I really have to applaud your use of natural ingrediants rather than relying on the processed “meat like” products.

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