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Sound of Nintendo Gameboy is not 8-bit sound at all.

Then, as the one truly punk gesture on the album, they totally switch gear on our ass for the closing track by going… Echoing both Slowdive’s take on shoegazing and the lo-fi recording ethos of Flying Saucer Attack (anyone else remember them?at their most mechanically yet effectively cold, Crystal Castles, by putting together discrete tracks recorded over the past three years, sounds immensely coherent, even when it is not at all.At times, for example, samples are either sounding too abrupt for the song’s own good (that DFA 1979 bit at the very end of ‘Untrust Us’ feels more like a studio mistake than anything else), while the recording of an “unmixed” practice of singer Alice (tautologically called “Alice Practice”) is raw technologically-enhanced punk that is both highly unmusical and conceptually fascinating.I think overall their best days are behind them, but Edith is a good replacement for the "best of" set that they've been playing for the past year or so. I saw them twice last year and although I wasn't blown away, it was still fun hearing all their old tracks delivered with a good amount of energy and decent vocals on par with Alice. Friends - I thought this was someone practicing or doing sound check. not saying either way is right or wrong, just different.Edith is slightly less unpredictable and isn't trying to be shocking or over the top. I remember some of Alice's performances in the past were inconsistent and sloppy. It's a shame that they only play 2 songs off that first album. It's a shame that they only play 2 songs off that first album. Me - Yeah, that makes it 3 for 3 on Crystal Castles sucking. Friend - YOU TWO ARE THE WORST FOR BRINING ME HERE! The drums were not in time with the rest of the music and you could not hear the vocals for most of the time. Me - No, this is Crystal Castles Friend - I thought this was some band practicing in their garage, this is fucking garbage. we're hearing a lot more of edith's real voice than we ever heard from alice.

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