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Emma Wong Project Manager If you have ever wondered about the safety of packaging and transporting radioactive materials, now is the perfect opportunity to learn about it. Department of Transportation has primary responsibility for regulatory materials transport, while the NRC regulates packages for larger quantities. When it is time to review our requirements, the NRC coordinates with DOT to ensure the two agencies have consistent regulatory standards. We are also working to align our regulations with the IAEA’s.

The NRC is kicking off the process of updating our requirements in 10 CFR Part 71 We do this periodically to reflect new information. Stringent safety requirements, as well as coordination among federal agencies, international regulators, and tribal, state and local officials, help to ensure radioactive materials shipments are made safely. To encourage public input, we are publishing an “issues paper” that outlines areas we have identified for possible revision. We plan to use that input to develop a draft regulatory basis—a document that identifies a regulatory issue, and considers and recommends a solution.

Two thirds of those are Chinese and Russian designs. Such action is essential to ensuring that the federal government can meet its statutory and contractual commitments.” Korsnick also said Congress should support small modular reactors (SMRs).

“The small modular reactor licensing and technical support program should be expanded to support first-of-a-kind engineering work.

At that point, if our Commission agrees that revision to our requirements are needed, we would move into developing a proposed rule, then a final rule. Details on how to submit comments can be found in a notice that will be published on November 21.

This information and additional details about the rulemaking will be available on the federal rulemaking website. 5-6 at NRC headquarters in Rockville, Md., to discuss the paper and answer questions.

“I do think it’s very important for us as a nation, to step back and appreciate the importance of nuclear power,” Korsnick said. We do not get in that conversation by letting our [nuclear] fleet at home atrophy. Department of Energy] and NRC to complete the licensing of the Yucca Mountain repository in parallel with the development of a consolidated storage facility.

“There are 60 reactors being built around the world today. We need to take this very seriously, as a national security issue.” Funding for a national used fuel program is critical, Korsnick said. We encourage Congress to restructure the funding and spending mechanisms of the Nuclear Waste Fund to provide for dependable access to the Nuclear Waste Fund while maintaining Congressional oversight.

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