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I tried testing the issue against my Lync Client, add an OOO and removed the OOO once the flag appeared.The flag didn’t disappear within 😉 “mine own accepted time frame” so I started playing with my Lync Client and added a status message. So I then went to the user’s Lync Client and click on What happening field.All Microsoft Fix It solutions can be accessed at the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center.The website does not display the fix it solutions in a comfortable way which is why all of them have been added to the list below.

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After deleting the OOO and adding a custom message it cleared the flag but then clearing the custom message the OOO flag returned.

The Configuration Manager team release 15 releases of Configuration Manager in a year, 3 Current branch releases and 12 Technical Preview releases! The Configuration Manager product team is doing an amazing job and the products capabilities goes beyond my wildest I have written a couple of posts now on Configuration Items and Baselines in Configuration Manager so I thought it was time to collect them all here with a call for action!

The Agenda is almost completed we have some slots that are not 100% decided yet, waiting response.

Full console So first of all let’s take on the SCOM full console refresh rate.

You can set that at the machine where the console is running at the moment by setting a registry key.

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