Wechat sex emo

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I guess you really have to be good friends with someone to react to their We Chat comments by sending off a picture of a constipated cartoon figure straining and sweating to defecate.

Or maybe I am missing something about Chinese culture ... Of course if your prefer the less scatalogical, you can always opt for the inappropriately homoerotic, the casually racist, or the excessively violent.

So when we discovered that we were using some of our favourite emojis we thought we'd share their original meaning, derived from Japanese culture, with you. And ultimately, we don't think we'll be changing our emoji habits any time soon.

But here are the REAL meanings of some of the best-loved emojis on that keyboard.

Anyone using We Chat to communicate with friends overseas quickly realizes that for the most part, users outside of China have access to much more creative sets of stickers than we here, in the app's home country, are limited to.

Here in China our selection of stickers fall into three categories: 1) Overtly commercial; 2) way too cutesy to be used by anyone this side of a 16-year-old schoolgirl; or 3) so whacked-out as to border on the psychotic.

Emojis were first introduced in Japan back in the late 90s, after a group of Japanese people working for a telecoms company needed a way to distinguish their pager service from those of the competitors.

The teeny tiny illustrative cartoons were never intended to become popular for widespread use, but when Apple introduced their first i Phone back in 2007, they were forced to include an emoji keyboard buried deep in the operating system, as a way of appealing to the emoji-demanding Japanese market.

Emojis as a whole are now used more frequently on social networking sites like Twitter than the number 5, for Christ's sake.

What we use it for: A symbol expressing excitement within a group of girls.

Before a night out, those dancing twins are nearly always whipped out.

As we know texting has become a major form of communication over the past decade or so, but the newest edition of emojis has become it's on little sub form of communication.

Some believe that when it comes to emojis, less is more (depending on who you're chatting with, of course).

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