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Horst Wenzel describes himself as Germany’s number one “flirt coach” on his website Flirt University. Wenzel is now undertaking a controversial new project aimed at helping new migrants to Germany pick up German women both in real life and on online dating websites. Wenzel, flirting and picking up girls is a large part of the integration process and hopes that the migrants will “fall in love with Germany” – or at least their women, reports German paper .Reading like a mix pick up artistry and self-help coaching, the Flirt University website claims that it helps people make connections with members of the opposite sex.Here, you will find some more impressions of our female users about single Germans.Germans, including single Germans, are really crazy about cleanness ...You see, German men tend not to pursue the anglophile approach of direct dating, such as going up to a potential partner and telling them what you want, or flirting in an obvious manner.This has lead to many people, especially women, complaining of a lack of attention from the opposite sex in Munich.

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", "Why not to follow the example of my friend and not to look through a single men catalogue of some respectable dating agency?

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Online dating is a “very popular” subject according to Mr. He claimed that he wanted to help migrants be more successful at picking up girls on dating apps, likely to be used for casual sexual encounters.

On the Flirt University website the group claims that their techniques do not involve “magic or stupid tricks”, but rather “the aim is to develop a more confident and interesting personality”. Wenzel the cultural differences of men from the Middle East and North Africa and their views toward women are not overly important.

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