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and Michael Newton for the work they did in putting together a six-part series on Kay Guitars in "Vintage Guitar Magazine." Also referenced was the work of J.Scott, "50's Cool Kay Guitars" and a book written by Raymond Elgar entitled, "Introduction to the Double Bass." George rom the time the first Kay bass was produced (1937), the majority of the wooden parts were made at the factory.

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As far as I know there are two books on Kay Guitars: ‘50’s Cool: Kay Guitars by Jay Scott focuses on the 1950s era guitars, and Guitar Stories, Volume Two by Michael Wright does a very nice job outlining the Kay history and gives a complete description on all Kay models.

Kay was very good about issuing a catalog every year, and they appear to be fairly accurate and up to date. After a little research, I found an exact match to your guitar in the 19/68 Kay catalogs.

Browsing these old catalogs is usually very interesting and it has become a pasttime of many collectors – simply to gain more information on guitars.

Kay instruments were both marketed by the company themselves and produced for jobbers (distributors) and retail houses under various names.

Rather than produce a list here, the has attempted to identify Kay-produced House Brands throughout the alphabetical listing in this text.

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