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Matrix wore a version of Superman's uniform, shapeshifted into a young blonde woman, and fought the three criminals as Supergirl. Desperate, Lex sent Matrix into the mainstream universe to recruit Superman.

The Harris matrix is a tool used to depict the temporal succession of archaeological contexts and thus the sequence of depositions and surfaces on a 'dry land' archaeological site, otherwise called a 'stratigraphic sequence'.

She was created by John Byrne as part of his Superman revamp.

She first appeared (as Supergirl) in Superman (second series) #16 (April 1988).

(Admittedly, you couldn't ask for a better conditioned problem than this one, since the derivative of $f$ at each root is large.) For fun we plot $f$ and its roots over a short interval: command, it takes $O(n^3)$ operations to compute the eigenvalues of a companion matrix, which is the method that MATLAB has used since the 1970s for finding roots of a polynomial in the monomial basis. The first author of this example, in collaboration with David Watkins and others, has been developing alternative $O(n^2)$ algorithms for the companion matrix eigenvalue problem [1].

We can illustrate that this computation is slow, if not really that the complexity is cubic, by the following experiment. However, $O(n^2)$ algorithms for this problem have been available for quite a while, though they are not built into MATLAB. All this is for the companion matrix eigenvalue problem, which corresponds to polynomial rootfinding in the monomial basis, a problem that makes sense when your roots are on or near the unit circle.

In his Principles of archaeological stratigraphy Harris first proposed the need for each unit of stratification to have its own graphic representation, usually in the form of a measured plan.

This number is twice machine epsilon, which looks very good.In an alternate reality (a "Pocket Universe") three Kryptonian criminals (General Zod, Faora and Quex-Ul) escaped the Phantom Zone, and tried to take over that reality's Earth.There was no Superman in this reality (his younger self, Superboy, having died before the criminals' escape) but there was a Lex Luthor who had not turned evil.Therefore this recursion trick is not available in the monomial case.But what about an $O(n^2)$ solution to the problem, rather than relying on splitting of intervals?

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