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4 Male and 4 Female Characters Hours and hours of game play to enjoy Tons of eye-catching artworks 5 Different Car To Unlock Completely Free Play this game for completely free of charge!!

Of course once you make one game, you try and make something better than your last.

Every curious kid is wondering what is a date like, blind date simulator here is to provide a simulation dating experience for them to get a peek of real date.8 young energetic men & women are there waiting for being matched to find who will be their beloved one to fulfill their dreams and complete their life , let's have a look where they will take their partner for a blind date.

A sparkling and heart-pounding romance is about to begin! Her friend introduced a great guy to her and arranged a blind date. There are multiple male and females who are looking for the partner on a blind date help them meet there date partner pick them up and take them to there specified location where they can sit and enjoy. Multiple Dating Places are included in the game like ice cream shop , coffee shop , Pizza Shop , Park and Restaurant for dinner.

You play as cute Sara on her 30 day quest to be paired up with a hottie before summer ends. :) Look for Bomee's next dating sim early September-December!!Dating Kylie is a fun way to discover how good you are with Girls. However, I get shut down at the part when she is standing in her bikini after swimming. Learn about her tastes and take her out, you may get lucky! Great game, funny options to choose from which makes it more Of an interesting.Jennifer is the most recent to drop to the free portion of the site, so I tried it out.If you played Written by Wolfschadowe Art by Wolfschadowe Format HTML using Tlaero’s Adventure Creator with additional programming by kexter Latest download Project Forum This was suggested by at least two people in my last list of new games.

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