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I also find that the park tends to be quieter in the fall, with less tourists, sun bathers, and boisterous activity.Indoors In the latter months of Fall, your fingers might get a little cold for outdoor reading.

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The best thing about fall, is that you can confidently take your reading indoors without feeling like your’e missing out on a beautiful Summer day.

Readers and introverts have complicated relationships with summer, given that we tend to be homebodies, and summer calls for constant outdoor activity.

The Longest Shortest Time podcast has a cult-like following that is well deserved due to Frank's no-holds-barred approach to parenting with topics including “The Parents' Guide to Doing It,” how a friendship is impacted when you have a baby and your best friend is still child-free, postpartum depression, and how to parent like a clown.

Go to The Longest Shortest time archives and check it out! Need to hear another mom lose it the same way you do in private sometimes?

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