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Rescuing eager but often clueless-in-the-kitchen individuals, catch the award-winning chef as he enlightens on a wide variety of everyday cooking dilemmas on , Rocco takes the cooking out of the studio and into real-life kitchens where people actually live and work. Rocco will show you that when it comes to the meals that matter most, it is not about following a recipe but being true to yourself.

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The mom would often walk red carpets with her TV-star son, one of three kids she raised in Queens and Long Island.That’s like trying to get glitter out of your sheets a month after Burning Man — impossible, mundane, and a reminder of better days.I’m just going to give Jules mad props for her radical transparency regarding her eating disorder because that had to be hard. On each episode, four single celebrities will sit in rotating chairs in front of a live studio audience, with their backs to a bunch of singles.The suitors can describe their life, their interests and their turn-ons — but the celebrities can only rely on their voice and their answers.

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