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(Alicia Silverstone in the film, Rachel Blanchard in the series) Cher is a sweet, if somewhat dippy, blonde teenager who lives with her father in Beverly Hills, California.

When I read through the "ask a girl" section of the forums a lot of guys admit they don't know what to do when it comes to women, that they're nervous and can't get a date, and that they're really not sure of what they're doing wrong. Most of the stereotypes in dating refer to psycho women, or slutty woman etc(I'm not saying those stereotypes are fair, but just that they are out there). I usually use the word nieve or inexperienced it has a slighlty less negative cannotationthan ditz, to me a ditz is someone who is overly excited about everything and usually pretty stupid when it comes to logic and practicality.

But what about clueless women - women who haven't got a clue when it comes to dating. I'd guess that the best example of such a woman is: the niave girl who's contantly falling for guys who use her for sex; or is constantly complaining that all of the guys she meets turn out to be players or liars; or the girl who wonders "why do all guys just want sex?

"There are issues that we disagree on," says Alli, "so when we see his family, we do things their way.

Sure you've connected on some level, but how well do you really know him or her? Eighteen-year-old high-school senior Alli Silverman has been dating a boy from outside her faith for some time. They attend each other's religious events and spend time with both families.

I think there's a stereotype out there of "clueless man" - the guy who gets it all wrong with women.

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In order to get the kind of romance and special treatment she wants, Karen has to drop blatant hints, and even then, he only occasionally understands that she'd like him to "surprise" her with flowers, a compliment or dinner out.Cher is popular with her classmates; she often uses her social status (and social know-how) to aid others.Yet these crusades are not always as successful as she would wish.Cher often speaks in Valley Girl slang (including new idioms coined by the writers of Clueless).Her role in the film and series is that of the central protagonist; many of the plot lines revolve around, or involve, Cher in some way, although sub-plots, particularly in the TV series, allow the focus to shift from her toward others and back.

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