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UPDATE My Table SET Column1 = (SELECT Some Column FROM Some Other Table WHERE Such And Such = This And That), Column2 = (SELECT Some Other Column FROM Some Other Table WHERE Such And Such = This And That), ... FROM My Table INNER JOIN Some Other Table ON My Table. This And That WHERE Primary Key Column = Some Value Bear in mind that updating data in one table with data from another table may be a sign of bad database design.

WHERE Primary Key Column = Some Value UPDATE My Table SET Column1 = Some Other Table. I've seen developers use these approaches to duplicate data across multiple tables so that it's "easier" or "quicker" to write a query to read the data, but such actions are (usually) folly.

It could be the person This way, the SQL statement is built up by splitting the sentence up into small parts and then putting those parts together in the variable str SQL.

I do a fair amount of creating Active Server Pages that will allow me to interact with the data in a MS Access table.

I have tried a couple of the MS wizards for accomplishing this task, but I have found the code generated quite innefficient and bloated making for tough troubleshooting.

Specifically, I need to know the Data Type of a field, so that I can get the proper syntax in my SQL INSERT and UPDATE commands.

I also need to know if a field is an Auto Number, and if the Data Type can't be handled in a web page (OLE OBject, Number-GUID).

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