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The accusations began to receive wide publicity in the late 1980s.

Many of these involve cases in which a figure was accused of abuse for decades; such allegations were frequently made by adults or older youths years after the abuse occurred.

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Gregory's family was very wealthy and owned estates on the island of Sicily which provided income.

When Gregory was just two years old in 542, the Plague of Justinian swept through the region.

Silvia's sister (Gregory's aunt), Pateria are both recognized as saints in the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Gregory had a brother, but nothing is recorded, neither his name or his fate.

Gregory's mother was Silvia, also from a noble family.

Pope Saint Gregory I, also known as the Great, was the Pope of the Catholic Church between 590 and 604 AD. (Astute readers may suspect this to be a scandal, but this was at a time before the clergy took vows of celibacy.) His father was named Gordianus, and he was a senator and a Prefect of Rome.

Although the Western Roman Empire had collapsed long before his birth, many ancient Roman families still commanded great wealth and influence in the city. His great-great-grandfather was Pope Felix III who reigned from 483 to 492.

These Inventions require much wit, and application; and therefore it was, that Mons.

Pascal (an Author very famous for his felicity in comprising much in few words) excused himself wittily for the extravagant length of one of his Letters, by saying, he had not time to make it shorter.

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