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A few of the events that made me do a double-take: an historic snowstorm from May 1-3, an icy Fishing Opener up north, a damaging "wall of ice" whipped up by high winds, a rare August frost over the Arrowhead, followed by the 3rd warmest state fair on record, and only 15 tornadoes statewide. Lack of Tornadoes in 2013 for Minnesota (only 15, the lowest since 1990) also very low in US Fire Risk Bay Area. Oil companies no longer deny what is happening; they are exploring in the arctic, where snow-covered ice, until recently, used to be.There were no tornadoes in the metro area, but the June 21 "Solstice Storm" whipped up damaging straight-line winds, dropping thousands of trees, sparking widespread power outages. July 18-19 2013 Heavy Rain and Washout on the North Shore While polar air invades the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes, spinning up a parade of East Coast storms in the coming days, the West Coast remains unusually quiet, sunny, mild and very dry. High: 3 WEDNESDAY: Patchy clouds, still mostly-frozen. As Julian Cox headlined on 2 June 2013, According to a new report released today by NOAA and its partners, cooler temperatures in the summer of 2013 across the central Arctic Ocean, Greenland and northern Canada moderated the record sea ice loss and extensive melting that the surface of the Greenland ice sheet experienced last year.

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Another moment of eyes locked and I'm not just an observer; my level of the enjoyment feeds right back into the music and powers the ballroom. I enjoyed #5 a lot and pretty much the second set in it's entirety was madness. An 18-minute opening Conduit with not one but two extended yams? ) into a long sought after Search 4 hinging into another continuous three-song tryptic of sonic wonder, and possibly my favorite combined moment of this show -- which already runneth over with riches. The first five songs (of a six song first set) flow effortlessly into one other, with Mad Love tacked on for good measure. They were not happy about the previous day's Bartman game, and went into the show even more downtrodden due to a Cubs Game 7 loss immediately before the show began.An odd year, but then again Minnesota's weather is rarely average. California is experiencing the driest year in state history - it's unusual to be tracking wildfires in late December (when storms should be sweeping in off the Pacific). Shanghai warned children and the elderly to stay indoors as smog enveloped China’s commercial hub, sending levels of the worst pollutants surging to more than 15 times World Health Organization guidelines. Yet there continued to be regional extremes, including record low May snow cover in Eurasia and record high summer temperatures in Alaska.I don't see any big storms brewing close to home between now and the end of next week - good news for New Year's travel plans. The level of PM2.5 pollutants reached 395.7 micrograms per cubic meter at 3 p.m., the city’s environmental monitoring center said. “The Arctic caught a bit of a break in 2013 from the recent string of record-breaking warmth and ice melt of the last decade,” said David M. One highlight for me was playing a song by one of my all time favorites - FRANK ZAPPA -yeah im an old man :). However, when I look at the setlist here, it is not listed at all. Onward & Upward, All Things Ninja, Kula, and the fantastic Out of Order closer were my highlights. And some of the most creative phrasing I've heard from Brendan. Ocean Billy with an old version Cut the Cable stuck in the middle. the band seems as relaxed as ever based on song choice. We moved seats at set break and by mid-set found ourselves surrounded by a bunch of younger UM fans, clearly in step with each other. Not knowing the songs and the music was a blessing. Sick show for my money; not sure how it stacks up to seasoned fans' opinions. So it's on there bubba OK, 1st off, this show was fantastic. Threatening skies, but not a drop of rain until they left the stage- as if Heaven were on their side...

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