Dating van briggle

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The materials this brilliant artist would use for his greatest artistic pursuit would be minerals from the earth - clays, feldspars, oxides, - and the glowing orange flames of a fiery kiln.

When transformed by the creative mind and the skilled hand these materials become the essence of both humanity and nature blended in unity.

Having been trained at the finest academies there, and with paintings accepted by the Paris Salon, he received the highest honors for a painter in his day.

By 1905, Weller employed over 500 laborers & skilled artisans, and undoubtedly turned out allot of pottery!

He basically had two styles, or methods in producing wares.

First was the relatively quick, mostly mechanical method, that could keep fairly well done pieces inexpensive.

The second style was mostly done by hand, pain stakingly worked by the best artists and quite costly.

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