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Here's a roundup of corporate responses to the events that left one woman dead and more than 30 injured, as well as President Donald Trump's controversial response.

Broadly, they constitute a call to end online content that celebrates racism, bigotry and hatred.

To explore such issues, you're invited to take either or both of the interviews below.

This approach accomplishes an additional educational goal of getting people to talk with each other seriously and in detail about violence against women - something that is still very difficult for most people in our culture.Although they are phrased in terms of what to do if you have "a friend" in a given situation, the scenarios are designed to educate everyone, including people who work with victims in a professional capacity, such as victim advocates; teachers, law enforcement, clergy, health workers, and counselors.The best way to use these scenarios is to break up a larger group into smaller groups of three or four people each.Assuming there's no imminent danger, a panicky victim of trauma must first be calmed before any kind of problem solving can be effective.a.The tech community isn't keeping quiet about last week's violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. The products and services you and I use every day are the same ones hate groups use to organize and spread their messages.

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