Patrick jane teresa lisbon dating fanfiction

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A one-shot tag to 701 'Nothing But Blue Skies.' Patrick and Teresa's talk in the lobby after leaving Pike seemed a little unresolved, to me, and I wanted to explore that a little more.

Dragons, drama, and disaster are sure to follow when Prince Patrick is involved.

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Er hat den Massenmörder Red John zur Strecke gebracht auf wanderjahren lernt seine frau.

selbst weiß natürlich bestdeskever 6 tackle romance while cbs yet announce series 7.

Überhaupt ist die einzige Person, welcher wirklich vertraut sich mitteilt tot wusste, das bleiben würde.

And spoilers.]Rating: PGPairings/Characters: Jane/Lisbon Length: 3,800 words A/N: So, months after the Crimson Hat aired, many of us are still writing fanfic inspired by it.

In fact, it inspired me to start writing Mentalist fanfic (yes, this is my first foray into the fandom), even though this turned out way more rambly and aimless than I intended.( "I remember what I said." )Hey all, I just wanted to check in and let folks know that my epic Mentalist Fic The Red and the Grey is now complete...

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