Vidoechat agent

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Yahoo has a new mobile messaging app that it thinks will fix the biggest problem with video chat.

But it might actually address one of the bigger shortcomings with text messaging.

The company unveiled the app during an event in New York City on Wednesday.

"I especially like this report’s recommendation to start piloting video chat capabilities for a specific use case, focusing on high value and frequent interactions," said On SIP VP of marketing and product management Nicole Hayward.With the new App Gallery, installing this app is simpler than ever.Here's how you can install the Google Hangouts app in Freshdesk for your agents: Requirements: The agent and the customer should have logged into your Freshdesk with a Gmail account If you do not have hangouts installed, you'll be prompted to when you initiate the hangout The customer should be logged into Gmail when the call is initiated Thanks, I started using this plug, but I would have an idea for an improvement.But instead of chatting audibly like they would over Apple's Face Time, Microsoft's Skype or Google's Hangouts, the actual conversation will happen only over text. In the onstage demo, the app seemed to work without any technical delay.So long as people's phone are on a 3G cellular connection or better, the video should stream fine, said Yahoo's Senior Director of Product Management Arjun Sethi.

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