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I will get good-quality new dies I am asking only about the press to load competition rounds would the RCBS JR be OK? I used it for 30-06 as well as a multitude of other cartridges. although it is used mostly for decapping brass, forming 38-45 Clerke and 6.5x54 Mauser brass, and some trimming operations with trim dies. I used a new Rockchucker in the reloading class and would like to get new stuff but I gotta save a buck so this is good feedback.thanks I have an RCBS Jr that I've been using for over 30 years. It would be a good starter press but if you get into reloading a fair amount you may want a new press. Dies and shell holders will work with just about any press although you will have to readjust them. If the thing is not all ratty and rusty I will get it. I used a new Rockchucker in the reloading class and would like to get new stuff but I gotta save a buck so this is good feedback.

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6 is a sectional view of the bullet pulling attachment. Part 12 is the primer holder with sliding sleeve 13 in place on priming arm. Part 15 is a special shaped push rod held by attached blank 16 in cartridge case holder 4 for use in forcing bullets 1'? Part 20 is a plug attachment, held in full length resizer die 30 containing a removable expander plug 21 and decapping pin 22, attached to the lower end of the removable expande plug 21 by collar 23. The tool may also be used to size bullets as shown in Fig. Bullet sizer die 18 is placed in chuck or head 2 and rod 15 is placed in guide holder 4.

Part 11 is a coil spring for holding priming arm away from guide holder 4, when not being used. Part 19 is a cartridge case in place in guide holder 4. block plug collar 25, compression screw 26 and handle 27 in place for bullet pulling. A new primerhaving been placed in priming cup 12 and priming arm 8 placed in position as The powder charged case with bullet set lighti ly in mouth of case is then placed in guide holder 4, as shown in Fig. Handle '7 is raised and the powder charged case and bullet is forced up into bullet seater 28 which has previously re-' placed plug 20 in die 30. Regarding the special attachments, should it be desired to crimp the shell case on the bullet, bullet seating plug 28 is replaced by crimper plug 31.

Is the powder check station on the 650 reliable or do you guys still manually check with your eyes to see if powder is in there? I'd searched and have some ideas, but want to get a few more.

Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk After close to 10 years using a Lyman turret single stage press and loading who knows how many thousands of rounds on it.

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