Garmin nuvi 360 updating bluetooth firmware

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Changes from version 3.00 to version 3.10: Resolved phone disconnect issue.

Changes from version 2.80 to version 3.00: Improved phone ring-tone support New special pairing mode for some phonebooks Improved support for text messaging Changes from version 2.40 to version 2.80: Improved Bluetooth support for various phones Did you have to update the operating software to update the bluetooth software?

This was done on MY LEGALLY PURCHASED UNIT..before you even go that route, join the lemmings.

Details on the Garmin proprietary protocol can be found at here. Reported by David Ludlow The device has a four pin socket described by Garmin as a serial interface.

I was unsure of exactly where Gladstone's was, so I selected Restaurants in the Nuvi's menu.

Immediately a list of restaurants appeared, in order of proximity to my car.

Reported by Andrew Gray This was the replacement for the old Zodiac version that spoke Rockwell binary protocol; it in turn has been discontinued. Requires a 2.6.10 or better kernel for the Cypress USB-HID support. I had to totally drain the battery of the device and let it rest for a few days before i was able to use it again after a first attempt of using it with without "-b" Reported by Hartmut Holzgraefe When the GPSmap 76S is placed into simulator mode, for some unknown reason, both the xgps and cgps clients display "n/a" in the time field.

However, the lat., long., and altitude fields are being displayed correctly.

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