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Editor In our current society, there is endless debate about where progress and change come from.Which has the greater potential to change history: policy-making from our organizational leaders, or the individual who quietly takes on a new task or initiative?The 2014 midterm elections are rapidly approaching.Next week many Americans (well, probably more like 40% of them) will head to the polls to decide the composition of Congress during the remainder of Barack Obama’s presidency.For reference, an interactive map with a quick breakdown of the gay marriage situation in each state is available here.The Pennsylvania ruling has consolidated the northeast as the second American region (alongside the states of the Pacific coast) to boast full marriage equality.In December 1974, the ruling military junta appointed Pinochet Supreme Head of the nation by joint decree, although without the support of one of the coup's instigators, Air Force General Gustavo Leigh.

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It is encouraging to know such great progress is being accomplished at the international level.

The technical services department at the University of Maryland Thurgood Marshall Law Library discovered that not only could the individuals in the program benefit, but the library could as well.

I do not believe it is overreaching to assume that this work leads to even greater benefits in our society. Betsy Simpson, ALCTS President 2011–2012 Earlier this year Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a pioneer in personal computing, passed away leaving an extraordinary legacy, one which is driving the future of global communication.

Indeed, there has been no shortage of jaw-dropping gaffes and the cross-aisle bickering remains as as fervent as ever.

However, there is a distinctly muted aura that has surrounded this year’s campaigning.

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