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Best Whats App Profile Pictures: We all know how popular Whats App chat application is.

Almost everyone who is having a smartphone will have Whats App.

Select various characters to personalise your Facebook cover photo. It’s best to select 4 - 6, but you can select up to 10.3.

In the pop up window, you can change the name and height (tall, medium, small) to suit adult, teen or child.2.

No surprise: the women are better at photo selection than the dudes, but we still found plenty of unfortunate choices.

While people think that the photo they choose is some sort of individual statement, they're usually wrong.

And while there are some sub-genres and lesser known variations, most of the pictures on the social networking behemoth fall into one of these categories.

How to Spot It: A clear photo of the subject from the waist (or higher) up and includes the entire face.

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