Need a break from dating

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Take some time to nurture yourself and that includes making a list of what is great about you and what you are bringing to the dating table.

Figure out what you like to do and get out there and do it, whether it's an art class, hitting golf balls at the driving range or listening to music at a local bar.

“Dating burnout is a lot like job burnout." Esther Boykin, licensed love and relationship therapist, tells Bustle.

"What was once fun and exhilarating has become exhausting, frustrating, and overwhelming.

If you’re a serial dater, your emotional health may be at stake.

While most of us have had to kiss many frogs before finding our prince, and have dated multiple people, sometimes it’s just one frog too many! Dating multiple people can be fun and freeing, but when you start forgetting to show up to dates, and have a hard time keeping the names of your potential partners straight, you need to take a step back. If you feel yourself shuttling between the people you are dating, and find it stressing you out, perhaps you should go easy on the dating front.

You may not realize you need it, but there are so many benefits to putting dating on hold, even if it's just for a bit.

In between awkward Tinder Tuesdays and your weekly Wednesday Hinge date, not to mention all the swiping, you may be overloaded with new faces and information.

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A little bit of pouncing on your phone when you think they might have messaged you back is totally warranted.

Remember how demoralizing this felt, watching everyone else get chosen and there you were, left behind with the other misfits in your class?

In the dating world, it can seem like everyone has been chosen to be part of a couple except you. One in four over-50s' marriages is ending in divorce these days, which means there are plenty of men and women out there to date.

Meeting new people, dating them and forming meaningful connections is supposed to be fun and exciting.

It should not seem like a chore, which has to be completed in order to find love.

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