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Bangkok, Thailand is thought to be the destination for any tourist hoping to explore and act on the most taboo kink and fetish.

See more » People go to Thailand to act on their most extreme fantasies, in Cam2Cam that includes serial killing.

This is not only crucial to people who wants to get to know you, or for those who want to keep track of you, but this is also crucial to people who wants to meet new people having sex on skype; make friends, meet friends, find lovers, find long term partners, get involve with clusters or groups, looking for support persons, or just someone needing somebody to meet in amateur sex cam meeting.

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This scenes marks the tone for the deaths and murders in Cam2Cam; they are gruesome and savage and yet they do not translate to a sense of horror.

Joel Soisson attempts to capture the Bangkok atmosphere to add to the tone of the film.

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