Accomodating strategy in negotiation

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The best negotiation strategies and tactics come from understanding the negotiation process and knowing how other people use it.

This allows the person negotiating to watch out for tricks another person might use to convince him that he's wrong.

NEGOTIATING DON'TSTo me, the most surprising findings in study were actually the negotiating DON'Ts.

We're often told that being compromising and accommodating in the work place is most successful way to go but, according to this study, when it comes to negotiating for salary, those approaches DON'T WORK.

Before the conversation starts, the person should prepare himself.

He should make a list of the items he wants to discuss and what he wants done about them.

Instead of putting your eggs in one basket, you should enhance your BATNAs before any negotiation.In general, the researchers discovered, certain negotiation strategies were more effective than others at increasing starting salaries.Strategies that involved open discussions of key issues and perspectives were more effective than compromising and accommodation.Ideally, you should enhance the (a) quantity, (b) quality, and (c) plausibility of your BATNAs (Kim, Pinkley, & Fragale, 2005).If you’re applying for a job, apply and interview with multiple companies.

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