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Multiple function calls can be made if you need several joins in one query.If you need a specific type of JOIN you can specify it via the third parameter of the function.Those not annotated are available from all platforms and versions.Visit the Visual Studio Downloads page to get the latest TFS update. To determine your platform or TFS version, see Provide product and content feedback.

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Use Excel to update multiple fields with different values.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloading document content ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Java Script example downloads the document content to a specified directory. The administration console runs the query and the Java Script action. After the query runs, look at the output folder to verify that the document content was downloaded as expected. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deleting a document ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Java Script example deletes a document. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fetching document properties ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Java Script example fetches the document properties and prints the information. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setting document properties ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Java Script example shows how to update the document title property. Open an object store and copy the Id of the document that you want to change. Because the Java Script code is executed on a Content Platform Engine server, the content download directory that you specify in the code must satisfy the following requirements: 6. Verify that this download directory exists on the Content Platform Engine server. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forcing a promote event on a document ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Java Script example demotes the major version of the document and then promotes a minor version. Open an object store and create an object store search. Important: Create a document with a document title such as “Test Delete Document”. Open an object store and create an object store search. This information is logged in an application log file. Open an object store and create an object store search. Below is a simple recipe which works profiling into a context manager: this would indicate that the database is taking a long time to start returning results, and it means your query should be optimized, either by adding indexes or restructuring the query and/or underlying schema.For that task, analysis of the query plan is warranted, using a system such as EXPLAIN, SHOW PLAN, etc. An unexpectedly large number of rows, even if the ultimate result doesn’t seem to have many rows, can be the result of a cartesian product - when multiple sets of rows are combined together without appropriately joining the tables together.

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