Problems updating to 4 01

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Mac OS X 10.7.3 update was just released, and for the vast majority of users the update installed trouble free.But not everyone was so lucky, and a series of problems have cropped up for some users, ranging from being stuck on an endless spinning loop progress indicator, to apps crashing nonstop, to a very bizarre “CUI CUI CUI” error screen filled with question marks (seen below), to other strange behavior.The bad news is that if you already updated to Mac OS X 10.7.3 and you’re having problems, you’re going to have to find a way to use the Combo Updater over the troubled installation.If you’re just encountering the CUI errors, this is relatively simple, but if you’re stuck on a boot loop you need to get a bit more creative.

problems updating to 4 01-65

We’ll keep you updated on new patch news and thanks for all of the support so far!

More info can be read here: After supporting our Fairphone 1 for three and a half years and the Fairphone 1U for nearly two and a half years, we regret that we are no longer able to offer spare parts.

We’re proud of everything we achieved with our first Fairphone 1 owners.

Both standard and Pro PS4 owners have reported encountering the issue so it doesn’t seem to be exclusively affecting either version of the console.

If you’ve yet to download or install the update, it might be safer to hold off until Sony comes out with a statement.

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