Wiikey updating

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Some are just direct copies of the PSJailbreak and some add new features or come with new tools that have been developed based on the original teams work.PS3 Break seems to be the most promising with the USB Firmware Update option from any PC it could withstand future PS3-Firmware updates from Sony by updating the Chips kernel.) This is just for information, as since GCMM 1.3 even serial protected savegames (F-Zero and Phantasy Star Online) can be restored to any memory card.There are two kinds of protected savegames: Restoring a raw image to a diferent card won't work, it has to be the same card (it will work even if the card was formatted).

With this type of brick the system will freeze after the Health and Safety screen and may display a "System Files are Corrupted" error message.Updating Firmware: To update the Wii Key, you need to burn the firmware disc for your region using IMGBurn or Nero. Config Disc Usage: Simply load the disc and select the options you want to use.Please note current settings are not displayed/saved in memory, so the settings the disc shows may not be what you have set up - simply set it, save it, and reboot, then your Wii is all set! Reported Issues: -some Game Cube Audiofix working inconsistently -if update blocker and dev mode are turned on some games may not run such as Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers Brawl Enjoy! however, I'm such a newb at this, could you please let me know how to burn the update disc - I've read that you need imgburn program to do it, while others say just use nero, etc.These limitations can be solved with Raw Tools: For example: You can grab a 59 block card raw image from an unofficial card and modify it so you can restore it to your 1019 blocks official card, mantaining the serial number of the card so your protected savegames still work.note: as of GCMM 1.3 protected savegames can be restored to any card and they will work (thanks to Ralf!

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