Who is justin bartha currently dating

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Even at the age of 24, do super-star twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen still do everything together?

In addition to running their multi-million fashion empire, both twins were in serious relationships up until recently.

There isn’t other information regarding his love life that we know of.

Tall and handsome Justin Bartha is an American actor and producer who is active in the entertainment since 1998.

However, it does make us wonder if Mary-Kate's breakup may have had an effect on Ashley's.

There's never been any celebrity sex tapes with twins, so that would be a real shock to the celebrity sex tape game. The actor has yet to officially confirm he and personal trainer Lia Smith are engaged, but that diamond's not doing anything to dispel the rumors! A., joined by Bartha's French bulldog, and Smith's rock sure probably wouldn't say no."The movie hasn't ruined Vegas," he told E! I'll always have a special part in my heart for Vegas."Aw! "The movies kind of breathed new life into Vegas in a weird way.From trust-fund babies and Hollywood bad boys to artists and CEOs, here are 20 men who have romanced the Olsen twins.Just weeks after Mary-Kate Olsen breaks up with her boyfriend, Ashley becomes single too.

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