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"I feel invisible in San Francisco and attractive whenever I leave." No surprise, then, that in that same Facebook study, San Francisco also ranked dead last in the likelihood of relationship formation, based on the number of Facebook users who changed their status from "single" to "in a relationship" during the period studied last fall. Is it possible that single, straight guys in San Francisco are just not interested in meeting women? We've all heard about Silicon Valley's epic "Peter Pan syndrome," in which thousands of young workers from around the world prolong their independence while carving out careers, heading west to strike (tech) gold.

"The courtship culture is just much less aggressive here," acknowledges Colin Hodge, 28, CEO of Down, an app that lets users connect to date or "get down." He says that many men might find women in the Bay Area harder to approach, partly because there aren't as many of us to go around.

We also have a wine club event coming up very soon.

That's exciting for us because a major part of our winery is the connection we have with our consumers.

The art of pursuing, wooing, and just a touch of romancing.

Check in weekly to Date Night SF for date ideas in San Francisco as well as some juicy, tell-all dating stories that will be archived in The Dirty.

But when not stealing hearts and doling out roses on television, Flajnik runs Envolve Winery with his two best friends, Mike Benziger and Danny Fay. Having access to the Benziger Family Winery and getting some real hands-on experience there during summers fueled the fire.

Born in Sonoma and currently living in San Francisco, Flajnik is a true Bay Area local. In fact, the first time I broke my arm was because a dogpile of girls fell on me in the playground. Then in college I started doing some homemade winemaking and beer brewing on the side -- that's when the creative side really came in and made me realize this was something I would love to do.

' " my friend texted on a recent Tuesday while I was riding BART. For the past week, I realized, I had been too busy living "The Bachelorette." I'd been juggling guys and dates in a refreshing whirlwind of activity that, until recently, had been entirely foreign since I'd re-entered the singles scene almost a year ago. Census data show there are more single men than single women under 65 (though in San Francisco that doesn't necessarily mean single men who want to meet women).And according to a Facebook study of its users conducted last fall, San Francisco rates highest among major American cities on the ratio of single men to single women.Matchmaking service the Dating Ring has even launched a crowdfunded campaign to send New York's single women to meet all of San Francisco's "eligible bachelors." At first, as women do, I internalized the problem ("the glasses are distracting"; "I'm going to the wrong places").I just about fell over when I was paired with a Joseph Gordon-Levitt look-a-like for a scene.Though skinny jeans are not usually my type, he was gorgeous and my mind raced through all sorts of exciting possibilities.

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