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It seems that criminals are increasingly entering the country pretending to be tourists, purchasing items in airports with fake credit cards, and then hastily returning home to avoid being caught.In June, a 20-year-old Malaysian woman of Chinese descent and a 19-year-old male were arrested at Kansai International Airport on suspicion of bringing fake credit cards into Japan, according to a source close to the investigation."When you are at the register and you're going to spend a lot of money that you already feel a little bit uncomfortable about, and they tell you that there's a chance to get a deep discount, it's very tempting," Helmuth said. "I think I've applied to at least 10 of them," she said.

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Appear require or sick, so just how effective we can be friends, but years the reality is that fall in love.When it comes to back-to-school shopping, everyone’s looking for a bargain—but if the cashier offers you a big discount for taking out a store credit card you might want to turn it down.Store-branded cards can come with poor terms, low limits that can hurt your credit score, and high interest rates that can more than wipe-out your discount for signing up on the spot.Paying 0 per month doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to cover that cost, but doing so over 12 months means the trip will just be a memory by the time you’re done paying for it.It is thought that the combination of Japan's welcoming approach to tourists and its relatively slow crackdown on forgery have made it a target for certain Chinese-related crime organizations.

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